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November 22, 2007

Volatile GBP Pairs Bad For Lazy Trader

Posted by: Richard @ 23:25 GMT Category: Bet On Markets,Lazy Trader

The gbp pairs have been so volatile lately. We like to see the GBP pairs in the area of 150 pips movement for the day give or take. lately we have had movements of 250-350 everyday! The GBP/AUD for example today has 500 pip movement (hi to low) the software just doesn’t act well in those type of things and that is what we have had the last few weeks.

We had this same type thing back in late Feb and March and the software produced poor results. During normal trading condition the Lazy Trader software is very good. These types of events make it harder. I would rather be good in normal conditions than volatile conditions as normal conditions are just more normal. You have to decide what is best for you but waiting it out until the normal conditions come back is always an option. The markets will always be there!

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