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Trading Guide


1. Daily Forex Posts

1.1. Technical view:

Highlights the action of the previous day's session and refers to chart formations; such as reversals, continuations, gaps, candlestick patterns, leading/ lagging indicators and so on.

A view can change from bearish to bullish and vice- versa if a reversal or a breakout takes place and the same will be mentioned in the technical view.

Technical view also gives an insight to traders to decide on their trading parameters; whether short or long term. Traders looking for short- term trades can follow the short/ long calls available on "Trading Recommendations" and those looking to ride on the wave can choose the views presented in the "Technical view" section

1.2. Supports and Resistances:

Are usually valid only for the day

1.3. Trend direction:

Refers to our outlook based on the following three criteria

  • Short term: 1 day- 1 week
  • Medium term: 1- 3 weeks
  • Long term: 3 weeks- 3 months

Normally, the short term targets are met within the prescribed time- frame. However, medium to long term traders may have to make a few adjustments to their positions, as the time take for the targets may vary from the set time- frame

1.4. Trading Recommendations:

Trading Recommendations are mostly for short term traders although we do mention breakouts and reversals under our "Technical view" section for "Positional Traders".

Trading Recommendations comprise of an entry price with stop losses and targets. The calls are given ONLY once a day and traders are free to exit trades at any given point .

Recommendations are sent almost on all trading days unless we're waiting for a breakout or the near (short) term direction is not very clear.

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